About the Author

Maybe laughing

Is the only solution

to the problems we face

Maybe laughter


the best medicine

Maybe to laugh, loving the moment, whatever it holds

is the purpose of our human journey…

     Hello there.  My name is Jen.  I was born in 1979, in Minot, North Dakota.  I have two great kids, 8 and 2, that keep me pretty busy.  At the moment I also have a job at the local grocery store and attend Ferris State University full time.  I’ve been in the navy, a berry picker, a factory worker, a fast food professional, a census enumerator, and held various other jobs.  I like to read and write, children’s books and fantasy.

     This is my story, through my eyes.  See anything you recognize?  Take a stroll through these pages and find something funny, something heartbreaking, or something that brings joy to your heart.  Then share YOUR story.


3 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Ankoku1331

    Excellent About Me page. :)

  2. Ankoku1331

    I forgot, start playing around with the look of your blog. :)

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